Hunting knife

Since ancient times, hunting knives have been used to hunt wild animals.

Times have changed now.

But the knives have remained almost the same.

The materials for their manufacture and technology have changed.

Like many centuries ago, if you go hunting or just to the wild, then a hunting knife is a must for you.

It is used to prepare game for consumption or to protect themselves from wild animals.

With a knife, you will open cans, cut out pegs for setting up traps, cut ropes, cut and hammer in stakes for setting up a tent.

Knife Kaa

Knife Kaa

Knife "Kaa"A hunting knife made of D2 steel. A sharp blade will not require sharpening for a long ti..

$200 $250

Knife Relic

Knife Relic

Knife "Relic"Damascus. Titanium A spectacular folding knife with a unique design. Made by a cra..


Knife Komar

Knife Komar

Each knife is handcrafted with great craftsmanship. The strongest and most durable materials are use..


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