Various methods and tools can be used to sharpen a knife, but the result is the same.

If your knife is made of high quality steel, then it will take patience, diligence and stones of different grain sizes to sharpen it.

Patience and diligence.

Note that it will take at least 30 minutes to sharpen any knife. And if you have a long blade, it can take several hours.

The quality of the steel of the blade.

The hardness of steel should be at least 56-60 HRC. If it is less than 56 HRC, the cutting edge will shrink,

the knife will dull and your work will be wasted. Steel harder than 60 HRC is very difficult to sharpen.

let's start

First you need to sharpen the knife with a rough stone. (Then move on to a finer grained one.)

ATTENTION, it is necessary to ensure that the pressure on the blade is light and uniform,

and the angle is constant.

After the appearance of a burr along the entire length of the blade

(a thin metal edge along the edge), you need to move on to a finer-grained stone.

If no burr appears, then the job is not ready and  it is early to proceed to the next stage.

Tip: when sharpening with a large stone, do not press too hard on the knife.

A burr may not form or may simply deform. After you notice that the marks from the sharpening with

the previous stone have disappeared, move on to an even finer-grained stone.

Tip: different stones should be held in different directions.

In order to be noticeable when the marks from the sharpening by the previous stone disappear.

The whole point of sharpening is as follows.

First, you shape a burr with a rough stone on one side of the blade.

After that, you polish this burrs on the other side of the blade.

Then move on to a smaller stone. And you do everything the same.

Then to even smaller and thinner. Do this until the burr becomes invisible.

We hope our tips will help your knives stay sharp at all times!

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