Why are knives associated with something purely masculine? In fact, women use a knife much more often than men. Women cook more often in the kitchen.

But our conversation is not about kitchen knives, but about those that are always carried with them.

You can ask. What can a woman face that she needs a knife? It can be a dried leaf on a houseplant, the need to cut a tag, open a parcel. The knife makes it easier to carry out various daily tasks.

In general, a knife gives a woman a sense of self-confidence and a sense of independence.

Which is so necessary for her in the harsh modern conditions.

Moreover, if men prefer full-sized, large knives, then women more often choose small blades.

Women carry a knife in their purses not so rarely as it seems.

Therefore, the size of the knife should be small. Imagine a woman with a large cleaver in her purse. Weight, desirably, is also less. Women's handbag, after all, is already full of various trinkets. Why make it heavier?


External appeal,

perhaps the most important parameter. In addition to high quality steel and a sharpened blade, the knife must have an attractive appearance.

The light weight of the knife is also crucial. (This should be up to 150g)

Sizing is just as important because the knife must be legal. You can’t allow a dispute with a police officer, and therefore, with the law. (Blade length up to 2 ")

The shape of the blade is also important. This blade shape, such as karambit (Knife in the form of a claw. The blade is curved.) Is not suitable for everyday use. This is a knife for fighting. You should not consider this option even if you are thinking about self-defense with a knife. Because, as a knife still need to have time to snatch and be able not to turn it into a weapon against yourself. Not everyone is capable of this.

It is not necessary to acquire the same knives with serrated blade. A special tool is needed to sharpen it.

A regular, classic blade is the best option.

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